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Why Choose MD Body & Med Spa?

Why Choose MD Body & Med Spa?

There’s a good chance that you’ve learned about CoolSculpting from watching TV, browsing the internet, or even driving by a billboard advertising the treatment. If you’ve looked up the treatment before, you’ve probably found a lot of places near you that offer CoolSculpting. If so many places offer CoolSculpting treatments, why choose MD Body & […]

Get Ready for the Holidays with CoolSculpting

The holiday season is finally here. With only a few weeks till Christmas, how are you going to be able to get your body tight and toned in time to look great in your holiday outfits? While surgery offers immediate results, it can require a long recovery period. Don’t spend weeks in bed healing up […]

What Can I Do About My Bulky Upper Arms?

Do you feel uncomfortable in tops with short sleeves or no sleeves at all because you don’t want others to see your bulky upper arms? Do long-sleeve shirts feel tight and restricting? While there are surgical options for addressing bulky upper arms, you may not want to undergo surgery because you don’t want noticeable marks […]

Do You Wish You Looked Better in Your Jeans?

Do you wish your pants fit better? Do you want to feel more confident about the way your thighs look when you wear more form-fitting clothes? Sometimes, all you need is to lose just an inch or two around your thighs to look great in anything you wear. CoolSculpting is an excellent option for getting […]

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Will I Need?

Everyone’s body is different. People who look like they have similar figures won’t respond the same way to eating the same diet and following the same workout routine. This is something to keep in mind when asking how many CoolSculpting treatments you will need. While one CoolSculpting treatment is enough to produce noticeable results, it […]

It Takes Time to See Your Full Results

Before you start your CoolSculpting treatments, you should understand how CoolSculpting works. One of the most important things to know is that it takes time to see the full results of your treatment. Over the course of the next few weeks after your treatment, the treated fat cells will slowly die and be filtered out […]

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

When some people hear that CoolSculpting “freezes away their fat,” they’re skeptical about how effective the procedure is. Using a machine to get rid of your body fat with cold temperature just sounds too good to be true. However, CoolSculpting has been proven time and time again to effectively freeze away unwanted fat. It does […]

Summer Is Almost Here! Is Your Body Bikini-Ready?

f you’ve been putting off going to the gym, you may be in need of some help to get your body summer-ready. While it does take time to get your body in shape, you can accelerate the process using CoolSculpting. It can take around three to four CoolSculpting sessions to see the results you want. […]

Need Help Getting Rid of Your Love Handles?

Have you lost confidence in the appearance of your body because of your love handles? It can be hard to target those stubborn pockets of fat around your mid-section, and it can be very discouraging to put in a lot of work at the gym only to receive minimal results. At MD Body and Med […]

Have Dieting and Exercise Failed You?

You may believe that eating right and exercising on a regular basis will help you get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat around your waistline, thighs, arms, and chin, but this is not always the case. Other factors come into play when it comes to stubborn fat, and after months of dieting and exercising, […]